Application Checklist to Ensure Process Compatibility

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Checklist Questions
General process type: (e.g., MBE, MOCVD, VPE, etc.)
Deposition chamber manufacturer & model number (Observation Geometry), view-port diameter, and material
Substrate material: (e.g., Silicon, GaAs, etc.)
Substrate size & thickness
Film material structure
Deposition rates
Substrate temperature range of interest
How is the substrate heated? (e.g., conductive, radiative, etc.)
Which of the following are required monitor parameters?
Substrate Temperature
Film Thickness
Film Index of Refraction
Does the substrate move during deposition?
Is there clearance for the optical head (125 x 125 x 150 mm) near the viewport?
Are there other sources of light or heat in the vacuum chamber? (e.g., filaments, effusion cells)
Please add any comments, sketches, or notes:
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