Hot-Lip Effusion Cell

SVT Associates’ HL Series is designed for materials that require a higher temperature near the lip of the crucible. The hot-lip source has a primary full length filament that maintains a uniform temperature over the length of the crucible and provides a higher temperature at the lip, preventing condensation of materials such as Ga and In from forming on the crucible lip during evaporation. A single power supply, temperature controller and cable runs the cell. This source is available for mounting on a 2.75" or larger CF flange. As an option, water cooling shrouds and integral shutters require a 4.50" CF Flange or larger.
Temperature Range 0 °C – 1,400 °C
1,600 °C Model Available
Power Requirement 600 W or 1kW
Temperature Stability +/- 0.1 °C
Temperature Reproducibility 0.1 °C
Thermocouple Type Type C (Type D Available)
Crucible Sizes* 6 cc, 10 cc, 16 cc, 20 cc,
22 cc, 40 cc, 50 cc, 60 cc,
80 cc, 85 cc
Crucibles have a tapered wall for best coverage.
Materials* PBN and Aluminum Oxide
Standard Length* 12.0"
Mounting Flange 2.75", 4.50" or 6.0" OD – CF
Electrical Connectors Filament: Amphenol Circular
*Other sizes, materials, and lengths are available, contact SVT Associates for details.
SVTA-HL-(Crucible Size)-(Flange Size)
Flange Size 2.75" 4.50" 6.00"
Crucible Size 6 cc 6 cc 16 cc
10 cc 10 cc 20 cc
16 cc 16 cc 22 cc
20 cc 20 cc 40 cc
22 cc 22 cc 50 cc
40 cc 40 cc 60 cc
  50 cc 80 cc
60 cc 85 cc
80 cc  
85 cc
Larger sizes available for the 6.00" flange size, contact SVT Associates for details.

Hot-Lip Effusion Cell Product Sheet