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The SVT Associates RF Plasma Sources are used in a variety of applications including Nitride MBE, Oxide MBE, and other plasma processing techniques. Typically used to produce low energy beams of atomic nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, the RF Plasma Source enables growth and processing of today's most advanced materials. With three sizes of plasma sources, the SVT Associates industry leading Plasma Sources are used for R&D to production applications, and is one of our most popular MBE Components.

The SVT Associates RF Plasma Sources have demonstrated to have some of the highest dissociation efficiencies.1 2 This enables high growth rate applications such as GaN growth rates exceeding 4µm/hr. The RF Plasma Sources can also be configured for doping applications.

RF Plasma Source Applications:

  • Oxide Thin Film Growth
    • High Bandgap semiconductors
    • High Tc Superconductors
    • Optical Coatings
    • Dielectrics
  • Nitride Thin Film Growth
    • Optoelectronics
    • RF Devices
  • Nitrogen Doping
    • Thin Film Photovoltics (CdTe)
    • Dilute Nitrides
  • Oxygen Doping
    • III-V Materials
  • Hydrogen Cleaning
  • Plasma Assisted CVD Processes

Three model sizes are available for research and production applications:

  • RF 2.75: Mini RF Plasma Source for Research
  • RF 4.50: High Growth Rate RF Plasma Source
  • RF 6.00: Production RF Plasma Source

A full range of Plasma Source Options and Accessories are available for automation and process control:

  • RF Generator
  • Integral Pneumatic and Manual Shutter
  • Ion Deflection
  • Optical Plasma Monitor for Plasma Diagnostics and Flux Control
  • Ion Extraction Grids for Ion Beam Assisted Growth
  • Auto-tune for matching network
  • Gas handling and control
  • RoboRF Software package for complete automation

Technical Documentation:

Contact SVTA for more information.

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