EXCEL Series Effusion Cell

SVT Associates’ EXCEL Series is designed to work in a High Vacuum (HV) or Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) deposition system. It is the perfect choice for use in deposition of organic compounds or very high vapor pressure materials. All sources are rated for a maximum operating temperature of 600 °C. Each source comes standard with a “Hot Lip” style filament to prevent material build-up at the lip of the crucible during evaporation. All sources use a type K thermocouple. Integral shutters and a cooling shroud are available for 4.5" CF or larger flanges.
Temperature Range 0 °C – 1,400 °C
Power Requirement 600 W or 1kW
Temperature Stability +/- 0.1 °C
Temperature Reproducibility +/- 0.1 °C
Thermocouple Type Type K
Filament Style Tantalum “Bird Cage” with Non-Conductive Guides
Crucible Sizes* 16 cc, 20 cc, 22 cc, 40 cc,
50 cc, 60 cc, 150 cc
Crucibles have tapered wall for best coverage.
Materials* PBN and Aluminum Oxide
Standard Length* 12.0"
Mounting Flange 2.75", 4.50" or 6.0" OD – CF
Electrical Connectors Filament: Amphenol Circular
Thermocouples: Omega-Sub-Miniature
*Other sizes, materials, and lengths are available, contact SVT Associates for details.
SVTA-EXCEL-(Crucible Size)-(Flange Size)
Flange Size 2.75" 4.50" 6.00"
Crucible Size 16 cc 16 cc 150 cc
20 cc 20 cc  
22 cc 22 cc
40 cc 40 cc
  50 cc
60 cc
Larger sizes available for the 6.00" flange size, contact SVT Associates for details.

EXCEL Series Effusion Cell Product Sheet