Cluster Tool

Cluster Based Multi-Module MBE System

The cluster tool module adds expanding capabilities to a MBE system. The cluster tool module is design as a central wafer station capable of moving a wafer between different vacuum chambers. A wafer may travel through the load-lock module and to various modules for thin film growth and metallization, or it may be transferred to the analytical module for further analysis. SVTA offers the following cluster tool configurations as well as custom configurations:


  • Up to 8" Wafer
  • 12" CFF port with 6 position equally spaced 360°
  • 6" CF View-ports
  • 2.75" CFF Ion Gauge ports


  • Up to 5" Wafer
  • 8" CFF port with 4 position equally spaced 360°
  • 4.5" CF View-ports
  • 2.75" CFF Ion Gauge Ports


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