SMART NanoFab MBE System

NanoFab MBE System
SMART NanoFab MBE System

Versatile Compact Research System

SVT Associates' SMART NanoFab MBE system is the perfect combination of small footprint and large capability. The table-top UHV chamber includes a series of ports to accommodate a wide selection of deposition sources and process monitoring tools.

SMART NanoFab MBE Applications

  • III-V
  • II-VI
  • II-Oxides
  • III-Nitrides
  • Multi-Technique Deposition MBE

SMART NanoFab MBE Equipment Options

  • Load Lock for rapid sample exchange
  • RF Plasma Source
  • Deposition Sources
  • In-Situ Process Monitoring Tools

Deposition Sources and Monitoring Tools

  • Effusion Cells
  • RF Plasma Source
  • Gas Injection
  • RHEED and RHEED Image Analysis Software
  • AccuFlux In-Situ Process Monitor
  • Quartz Crystal Monitor
  • Linear Flux Monitor for Calibration

Technical Documentation

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