Source Shutters

Magnetic Shutter
Magnetic Shutter
Linear Pneumatic Shutter
Linear Pneumatic Shutter

SVTA source shutters are designed for quick motion and long life. The source shutter assembly consists of an in-vacuum component, an external component and a shutter blade. SVTA offers two basic designs – a magnetically coupled design and a bellows coupled design. With the magnetically coupled design the service life is extended over a bellow style type. Models are available in 3 or 4 inch stroke lengths and mounts on a 4.5" or 6.0" CF flange. The shutter blades are made of either Molybdenum or Tantalum. Other materials are available on request. SVTA also offers a full computer controllable shutter package that includes a 19" rack mountable control unit (SC200M).

As an option, SVTA also offers integral shutters (SVTA-IS) for your deposition sources. They can be either pneumatically or manually actuated.


  • Simple and Fast Removal for Blade Cleaning/Replacing
  • Highly Dependable
  • Long Lifetime Cycles
  • Shutter Motion Minimizes Mechanical Shock

Source Shutter Product Sheet
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