Electron Beam Evaporators

Electron Beam Evaporator
Compact Electron Beam Evaporator

The SVTA-EBS COMPACT E-BEAM is a versatile component for depositing thin layers of Carbon, Silicon, and Refractory Metals. It is an electron beam evaporator which provides researchers a simple and economical means of depositing high purity thin films. The source uses an electron beam power supply for electron emission and an integral flux monitor. Whether the source material is in solid rod or powder form, the resulting layers are ultra-pure. The materials of construction of the electron beam evaporation source are selected to be compatible with the intended growth material.

SVTA also offers a complete turn-key Silicon MBE system for depositing IV-IV materials and metals.

Electron Beam Evaporator Applications:

  • Metallization
  • Magnetic Thin Films
  • Silicon MBE
  • Interface Studies
  • Doping

Technical Documentation:

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