Dopant Effusion Cell

SVT Associates’ D Series is designed to evaporate a smaller quantity of materials, such as Silicon and Beryllium. Models are available for mounting on either a 2.75" or 4.50" OD CF. All cells are thoroughly tested and characterized before shipment. Water cooling shroud and integral shutter are optional for 4.50" CF flange or larger. Because of its small size it is ideally suited for dopant applications.
Temperature Range 0 °C – 1,400 °C
Power Requirement 600 W or 1kW
Temperature Stability +1/- 0.1 °C
Temperature Reproducibility +1/- 0.1 °C
Thermocouple Type Type C (Type D Available)
Crucible Size* 5 cc, 6 cc, 16 cc
Crucibles have tapered wall for best coverage.
Materials* PBN and Aluminum Oxide
Standard Length* 12.0"
Mounting Flange 2.75" or 4.50" OD – CF
Electrical Connectors Filament: Amphenol Circular T/C: Omega Submini
*Other sizes, materials, and lengths are available, contact SVT Associates for details.
SVTA-D-(Crucible Size)-(Flange Size)
Flange Size 2.75" 4.5"
Crucible Size 5 cc 5 cc
6 cc 6 cc
  16 cc

Dopant Effusion Cell Product Sheet