Application Laboratory & Wafer Services

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Wafer
Oxide MBE System

SVT Associates, Inc. has been actively working on the growth and characterization of III-Nitride materials and devices since 1992 using RF atomic nitrogen plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PA-MBE). Wafer growth and characterization services are explained below:

III-Nitride MBE Wafer Specifications:

  • Epitaxial Layers
GaN, AlGaN, InGaN
  • 2" Wafer Uniformity
  • X-Ray FWHM GaN/A12O3
<3 arc min
  • N-Type Doping (Si)
1017 to 1020 cm-3
  • P-type Doping (Mg)
up to 1019 cm-3
  • Insulating Buffer Donor Density
Nd <1016 cm-3 
  • MODFET Hall Mobility*
>1500 cm2 /Vs (300K)
  >4000 cm2 /Vs (77K)
  • Substrates
Sapphire, SiC, Si

* HEMT characteristics depend on buffer and active layer structure.

III-Nitride Epitaxial Services:

  • Nitride MBE growth on sapphire and silicon-carbide 2" and 3" wafers:
    • GaN (n-type, p-type, or insulating)
    • Custom ternary & quaternary InAlGaN films
  • High-frequency, high-power and low-noise III-N transistors:
    • High electron mobility transistors (HEMTs)
    • Bipolar junction transistors (HBTs & BJTs)
  • AlxGa1-xN high-efficiency, solar-blind UV photodetectors (PD):
    • Schottky and p-i-n PDs with cutoff wavelength from 365 down to 250 nm
    • Special structures including arrays, bandpass and MQW detectors
  • Custom epitaxial layers and structures, including:
    • Doped and undoped superlattice structures
    • Resonant tunneling structures (RTDs)
  • Wafer characterization:
    • In-situ cathodoluminescence
    • AFM and X-ray characterization
    • CV and Hall measurements

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