III-V or II-VI MBE Systems

III-V MBE System
SVTA Linear MBE Configuration
III-V MBE System
SVTA Right Angle MBE Configuration

The SVTA-MBE35 molecular beam epitaxy system has been specifically designed to grow high quality compound semiconductor materials, with high carrier mobility and low defect densities on a range of substrate sizes. The modular system concept is a flexible and reliable way of adapting to different customer needs. It can be configured as an III-V MBE System, an II-VI MBE System, or for other materials. The base system consists of two modules: Epitaxy Growth Module and Load Lock/Buffer/Preparation Module. Each module has its own independent UHV pumping system and can be isolated from each other by a gate valve.

The system can be configured combining the use of solid and gas sources for deposition, including SVTA's Valved Sources and Cracking Sources. The flexibility of the MBE system configuration ensures that the system can be used for a wide variety of application and development purposes. It comes standard in either a linear or right angle configuration, or a "cluster tool" configuration with a central distribution chamber. Custom system configurations with multiple growth chambers (for example one for III-V MBE and another for II-VI MBE) are also available, as well as integration of analysis modules.

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