Application Checklist to Ensure Process Compatibility

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Checklist Questions
General process type: (e.g., MBE, MOCVD, VPE, etc.)
Deposition chamber manufacturer & model number (Observation Geometry), view-port diameter, and material:
Substrate material: (e.g., Silicon, GaAs, etc.)
Substrate size & thickness:
Film material structure:
Deposition rates:
Substrate temperature range of interest:
How is the substrate heated? (e.g., conductive, radiative, etc.)
Which of the following are required monitor parameters?
Substrate Temperature:
Film Thickness:
Film Index of Refraction:
Does the substrate move during deposition?
Is there clearance for the optical head (125 x 125 x 150 mm) near the viewport?
Are there other sources of light or heat in the vacuum chamber? (e.g., filaments, effusion cells)
Please add any comments, sketches, or notes:
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